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April 8, 2022
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April 8, 2022

Some of the best trips in life aren’t always done over a long period. In fact, they may be done in as short as one day. If you are looking for unique and fun day trips from Minneapolis that are sure to make an impact, check out our guide below and begin adventuring today. 

8 Best Day Trips from Minneapolis

  1. A day trip to Lake Minnetonka. From Minneapolis, a trip to this lake takes roughly 30 minutes while for other cities across the Twin Cities metro approximately 45 minutes. There are a multitude of things to do, such as jet skiing, paddle boarding, kite boarding and fishing. That’s of course, in addition to boat tours, which we provide for both groups and individuals through our popular paddle pub boats. Some notable bars you can visit on this tour or on your own include Maynard’s, Lord Fletchers and Excelsior Brewing. We also opt for ice cream at Licks, tacos at Lago Tacos, and crispy spicy tuna at Yumi. 
  2. Cave exploring. Crystal Cave has some of the oldest caves in North America and is the longest cave system in Wisconsin. Enjoy a guided tour that takes you down 7 stories below the earth’s surface where you can see all sorts of stalactites, stalagmites and other formations. You will also get to experience the cave in pitch black and may come across various bug species. For the creeped out easily type, beware! Don’t forget to check out the large rock selection within the gift shop on your way out. There is also mini golf, a picnic ground and nature trails within the complex as well. 
  3. Wineries and Vineyards. Vino in the Valley is a top destination for getting your wine and vineyard game on. Located about 1 hour outside of Minneapolis, you will need to cross into Wisconsin to get to this destination. The drive down takes you across rolling hills to get here is a trip in of itself. Take Highway 10 down instead of the Highway 94 route to see more hills and bluffs. Vino in the Valley is also equipped with good food and is one of the most popular day trips from Minneapolis. 
  4. Experience a taste of Italy at Villa Bellezza. This is one of the most popular wineries outside of the Twin Cities and is also about an hour-long trip outside of Minneapolis, making it one of our top picks for a day trip. What stands out at this destination is the Italian architecture. This place is better suited for wine tasting and has a small vineyard in the back. It is a popular destination for photographs and makes the ultimate Instagram photo experience. Make sure to check out the winery tours in addition to some of the cooking classes offered. 
  5. Pie Eating in Stockholm. The homemade pie found at the Stockholm Pie and General Store might possibly be the best pie we’ve ever tasted within the 5-state area. And it just so happens to be named after a European city, which oddly enough, feels very similar due to the Scandinavian influence in the area. The owners of this place are very sweet and can talk all day about pie, which we love. The butterscotch pie stood out as one of the more unique ones we tried, but make sure to also taste the Apple and Key Lime. We learned that the whole pies get sold out very quickly and it is best to reserve one beforehand. A limited selection of individual pies may only be available so be prepared that you may only have select choices, although none of them disappoint.  
  6. Canoeing and Tubing in Welch. Enjoy a day on the Cannon River either floating on a tube or canoeing. The Cannon River is a relatively mild reiver and is fun for slowly floating. Make sure to bring a tube with a drink holder. There are also several canoe rental outfitters there as well. Welch is also a popular skiing and snowboarding destination in the winter and a popular biking destination in the summer.
  7. Walk along the bluffs at Maiden Rock. This is fun to combine with either the pie tasting, or wine itineraries mentioned above. The bluffs overlook the Mississippi River and are a great way to see the river from above. Walk around and make sure to head down to Long Point Beach for a swim before heading back. 

Hiking in Lebanon Hills. Although this is technically within the Twin Cities and may not require an entire day trip, this is one of the most overlooked gems that is easy to get from Minneapolis and surrounding areas. The nature reserve area here is quite large and provides extensive hiking trails. There is also canoe rental within the premises and a beach area for swimming.

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