The Best Bars and Restaurants Around Lake Minnetonka
April 8, 2022

The Port of Excelsior is one of the most popular destinations in Lake Minnetonka. It is located conveniently at downtown Excelsior right off Lake St. and boasts all sorts of boat cruises that set sail throughout the day and evening. While most tours use charter boats that are often paired large groups stuck inside only to witness Lake Minnetonka from a narrow window, there are other cruise options – namely, your own personalized boat tour rental that we provide.

PaddleTap is the ultimate solution between expensive private boat rentals and overly large-size charter boats on Lake Minnetonka. With capacity of 12-19 depending on the boat type, our boat rentals are some of the most popular options for those who want something fun for a couple of hours, and that doesn’t break the bank. 

Our rental tours with a guided captain take course over a 2-3 hour period. We offer takeoff from the Port of Excelsior as an option, in addition to a few other locations across the lake. The Port of Excelsior is one of the most popular options though due to its convenient location near downtown Excelsior. 

What You’ll Experience on this Tour

When taking off from the port, we take you through all sorts of areas throughout the Lake Minnetonka area and stop off at some of the most popular bars on the lake should you request. Feel free to bring your own drinks or enjoy paid options onboard. 

In and Around Excelsior

When done with our tour, there are a number of options to continue having fun, such as heading over to Excelsior Brewing or Haskell wine bar, getting some tacos at Lagos Tacos, or sushi at Yumi Sushi Restaurant and Bar.

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