PaddleTap FAQs

Curious about our PaddleTap adventures? To learn more about how to book a paddle pub or about the types of bars in Minnetonka or White Bear Lake we’ll plan to visit along the ride, check out the answers to some commonly asked questions:

How Long Does Each Boat Tour Last?

We offer two unique paddle boat tour options: Our classic boat tour with pedals lasts 90 minutes. For our second bout tour, LazyTap, pedaling isn’t required, so this ride runs for a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes.

What Minnesota Lakes Do You Paddle On?

Our PaddleTap tour will visit bars on Lake Minnetonka or White Bear Lake. You’ll have the option of choosing which of the two lakes you wish to tour. Our LazyTap boat operates only on Lake Minnetonka.

Are the Paddle Pubs BYOB?

Our White Bear Lake and Back Channel Pickups for PaddleTap on Lake Minnetonka will be BYOB, and coolers are allowed. If you want our staple Lord Fletcher’s pickup on Lake Minnetonka, you must first purchase drinks from them (off sale). Coolers will not be allowed at all at Lord Fletcher’s pickup. When you book a boat ride, a link will be emailed to you, so you can easily place your order from Lord Fletcher’s.

Can You Eat on the Tour Boats?

Yes, we encourage paddlers to bring light snacks for the journey. As space is limited due to the table-top bar, we recommend not bringing large meals. And because we’ll be visiting local bars and taverns along the way, it really isn’t necessary.

Is There Music on the Paddle Pub?

Yes, each tour boat offers Bluetooth connection, so you can sync your smartphone and start listening to your favorite tunes the moment we head out onto the lake.

Is Swimming Allowed?

We do not allow swimming on our classic pedal boat tours. However, because our LazyTap tour is longer, we may be able to schedule some swimming time for a limited amount of people (four people max at a time). Lifejackets are required!

Is Fishing Allowed on a Paddle Pub?

We don’t allow fishing on any of our boat tours. We leave that work up to the pros on Lake Minnetonka and White Bear Lake.

Are Bathrooms On Board Your Paddle Pub?

We do have a bathroom aboard our LazyTap booze cruise because of the duration of the tour. However, our pedal-powered boats do not include a bathroom. But don’t worry, we have many friends on the lakes, so we can stop as needed, if you need a break.

Can we Tip the Boat Tour Guides?

Yes! If you enjoy your trip, your paddle captain will appreciate it!

How Do I Book a PaddleTap Boat Tour?

Booking a boat ride on Lake Minnetonka or White Bear Lake is easy! Click Book Now and decide which of our three tour options you like best to celebrate an upcoming event or team building outing. For questions about any of our boat rides, contact us today!

Experience the fun with your crew and get ready for the ultimate booze cruise in Minneapolis!


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