1What is a PaddleTap?
A PaddleTap is a custom boat roughly 25 feet in length, with "paddle" stations where you physically move the boat using a custom paddle wheel. There is a table in the middle with coolers that can store your favorite beverage. The best form of fun possible!
2What is a LazyTap Pontoon Boat?
A LazyTap is a custom 30 foot pontoon boat that has NO paddles on it.  The boat is equipped with music, lights, bar in the middle and comfy/cozy pontoon seats all around.  This boat does have an upper deck as well, an awesome spiral staircase takes you to the upper level.  LazyTap does have a full bathroom on board as well if needed.  Bring your fav drinks and snacks aboard!
3What is the booking process like?
It’s super easy! (1): Click “Book a tour” (2) Pick the tour you want (3) Use the live calendar to pick your date and time (3) Enter Credit Card information and contact info (4) receive confirmation email (5) forward email to your friends!
4What Tours are being offered?
Three tours this year!  Small Boat PaddleTap Tour (holds 10 people) the Large Boat PaddleTap Tour (holds 15 people) and the LazyTap Party Pontoon Boat (holds 18 people).  All tours have pickup and drop-offs at Lord Fletchers.  The LazyTap can be picked up at Wayzata and Excelsior as needed.  Call for details. All tours come equipped with gas motors.
5Does PaddleTap provide food or beverage?
You will receive an email with a pre-order form to put in your beer/wine/liquor orders through Lord Fletcher's ahead of time. Pay for drinks when you arrive. Food and snacks are allowed for you to bring-in a small backpack. Coolers are not allowed at Lord Fletcher's. Specific questions, please call us!
6Do I need to bring a cooler or ice?
PaddleTap has four large coolers that will be stocked with ICE for you!! Coolers are not allowed, but a small backpack is for snacks!
7What is the cancellation policy?
30+ days entire money back, 14-29 days rain check provided, 0-13 days no refund *Bad weather/unsafe conditions captain will cancel tours, rain checks provided
8Where does the PaddleTap pickup and drop off its guests?
Depends on the tour you select. PaddleTap will typically pick up at Lord Fletchers, but can also do Excelsior, Wayzata and Lafayette Club as needed. Contact PaddleTap for details.
9How long are the tours?
Tour schedules depends on the boat you tour you pick.  Our standard "PaddleTap" Paddle tours are scheduled every 2 hours.  With you being on the water between 90 or 100 minutes.  The LazyTap Pontoon tour does go longer.  You will be out on the water for about 2 hours and 45 minutes. Yes, the LazyTap does have a bathroom.
10Is there a bathroom on board?
There is a bathroom on our LazyTap Pontoon boat only.  Our other PaddleTap boats do not have bathrooms, so plan accordingly!  *We have made friends on the water and can make emergency stops as needed.  
11How many people can ride the PaddleTap "Paddle" Boat?
Our large boat is certified up to 15 total guests and a maximum weight of 2,960 lbs. We have 10 “paddle stations” and 5 “party stations”. The smaller boat has 8 “paddle stations” and 2 “party stations”. You can book both boats if you need at least 24 total people for your party!
12How many people can ride the "LazyTap" Party Pontoon?
Our party pontoon boat can hold up to 18 total guests.  There are no paddle stations but do have a bar in the middle for you to sit at, and also comfy pontoon seats all around!
13What is the minimum number of people that can operate the PaddleTap?
As few as two people can paddle the boat, but the more you have the easier it is! (Recommend six if possible)
14Are Children allowed on the PaddleTap?
Yes– as long as they are 10 years or older and accompanied by an adult with no alcohol present. Children under the age of 13 are required to wear a life jacket.
15Is there a height requirement?
No- the paddle seats are adjustable, just like a regular bike, so it really depends on leg length.
16Does PaddleTap do private parties?
Yes! Just email or contact us to get more details.
17Do you provide the driver?
Yes-a driver will be provided.
18Are we allowed to tip the crew?
Yes- I’m sure they would appreciate it!
19Is the "paddling" difficult?
No- with it being on the water, hills aren’t a problem. The paddle wheel is adjustable in the water to change the level of resistance for you.
20What happens if I fall off?
PaddleTap recommends that you can swim! But if you do fall off, the boat carries life jackets and rings to retrieve you. Falling overboard will be a challenge – the 42” rails surround the entire boat.
21Is swimming allowed during the tour?
No- tour boat ride only, no swimming will be allowed
22What if it is raining on the day of tour?
We operate rain or shine. You’re on the water, so you shouldn’t mind getting a little wet! For your comfort, the boat has a canopy over the entire deck. PaddleTap is safety first. If thunder, lightening or heavy winds are present, the captain has the right to cancel the tour and offer a rain check.
23Are dogs allowed?
24How do I pay?
Pay by credit card online only. All sales must follow the Cancellation Policy/Refund Policy: *If you book via email info@paddletap.com for White Bear Lake payment will be due when tour starts on the boat. 30+ days entire money back, 14-29 days rain check provided, 0-13 days no refund *Bad weather/unsafe conditions captain will cancel tours, rain checks provided
25Can I go fishing on the boat?
No, PaddleTap leaves fishing to the experts :)