Our 7 Favorite Bars On Lake Minnetonka

Enjoy A Day Out With Your Friends In The Best Bars On Lake Minnetonka

Lake Minnetonka is the ideal location for those who are looking for a place to unwind and spend time with friends while experiencing a fun night on the town. It has a wide variety of excellent bars and pubs to choose from, and it is known for its breathtaking views and one-of-a-kind atmosphere. The following are the top seven watering holes and bars on Lake Minnetonka that you absolutely must visit.

Our Absolute Favorite Bars

1) Red Rooster Bar & Grill

This delightful eatery in Long Lake specializes in sandwiches and burgers, but it also features one of the best bars in the area in addition to its other appealing amenities. In addition to its extensive list of drinks, which includes both red and white vintages in a variety of styles, Red Rooster is known for its signature cocktails and craft beers and stands out from other bars in the area.

2) Kip’s Irish Pub and Restaurant

Kip’s Irish Pub & Restaurant is a traditional Irish pub located near Lake Minnetonka that provides its patrons with a friendly and inviting ambiance to enjoy their time there. The variety of Irish and international beers and whiskies offered at Kip’s Irish Pub & Restaurant is one of the establishment’s most appealing features.

The pub serves a wide variety of lagers and whiskeys from Ireland and also features a rotating selection of beers from other parts of the world and from local breweries. Live music and other forms of entertainment are frequently enjoyed by patrons of Kip’s Irish Pub & Restaurant.

In addition to hosting regular performances by traditional Irish music and bands from the surrounding area, the pub also hosts a variety of one-off events and themed nights throughout the week.

3) Hazlewood Food And Drink

Those who are looking for a restaurant in Tonka Bay that has both a dining room and a great bar with drinks of high quality will find a lot to like about this establishment. Those who love various wines will be pleased to learn that Hazelwood’s extensive drinks menu includes a selection of red, white, and rose vintages that pair nicely with Hazelwood food.

A number of signature and specialty cocktails are also available at this Lake Minnetonka bar:

  • Margaritas

  • Manhattans

  • Hard lemonade

  • Ales, both bottle and draft

  • Non-alcoholic mocktails

  • Various whiskeys

4) Fine Dining At The Lake Room

In spite of the fact that the Lake Room is primarily a dining establishment, guests can still stop by the bar at any time during the day to enjoy some of the excellent beverages that are offered there. On the menu of alcoholic beverages, guests can choose from a selection of vintages, malts and lagers, and craft cocktails.

In addition, it offers mocktails and after-dinner drinks. This establishment can be found on Lake Minnetonka’s shore, and it overlooks Carman Bay. It is ideal for those who are looking to unwind with a drink on date night while taking in the beautiful scenery.

5) Lord Fletcher’s Old Lake Lodge

On the shores of Lake Minnetonka in Spring Park, Minnesota, sits Lord Fletcher’s Old Lake Lodge, a well-known establishment that features both a restaurant and a bar. The wide variety of food and alcoholic beverages, including malt brews, wines, and cocktails, is one of the most appealing aspects of Lord Fletcher’s Old Lake Lodge.

The bar serves a range of beers from around the world and from closer to home, in addition to offering a rotating selection of seasonal brews. The restaurant also features an extensive beverage list, and the bartenders are not only friendly but also very knowledgeable. This is also one of the oldest bars in the area.

6) Great Food At Surfside Bar And Grill

This whimsical establishment on Langdon Lake in the Lake Minnetonka area is a great destination for those looking for a place to have some fun and participate in the nightlife in the area.

The restaurant specializes in traditional bar food such as burgers, and sandwiches, and even has a taco Tuesday night once a week. In addition to providing daily happy hour specials and live entertainment, the pub features a diverse selection of alcoholic beverages, including red and white vintages, lagers, and cocktails, for customers to choose from.

A game of pool or pinball is available for guests to play while they are spending time at the bar. Additionally, the laid-back environment reminiscent of dive bars makes it simple to kick back with a friend and unwind.

7) PaddleTap Party Boats

Due to the fact that Lake Minnetonka is a well-known destination for various watersports, including boating, fishing, and other activities, PaddleTap boating excursions provide the one-of-a-kind bar experience that you have been searching for.

Visitors have their choice of four distinct pedal-powered watercraft, each of which contains bars in the middle and is staffed by an experienced bartender who serves drinks to you and your friends as you propel the craft around Lake Minnetonka using your pedal power.

This unique drinking experience is a fantastic way to unwind and have fun with your pals. However, if you don’t feel like pedaling, you can always rent the tiki bar craft, a popular floating excursion for people who are vacationing at the lake, and does not require a workout!

Our Favorite

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a place to enjoy live music late at night or a spot to enjoy food and happy hour around Lake Minnetonka, any one of these bars is guaranteed to give your entire group a night that they won’t forget.

However, if you want to have an experience that is truly one of a kind, you should go to PaddleTap boats to spend a few hours on the water with your best friend while sipping drinks that are truly delicious and one of a kind. This one is definitely our favorite of all the bars on the lake!

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