Boat Rental on Lake Minnetonka
April 7, 2022
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April 8, 2022

Party Boat Rental on Lake Minnetonka

Where can you rent a party boat on Lake Minnetonka? Well, look no further than our popular peddle pub boats.

Suited for groups ranging from 14-100, our boats have become one of the best options for those looking to party on the lake without breaking the budget. Whether it’s for a birthday party celebration, a bachelor party, or simply a fun night on the town, our boats have become the mainstream alternative to overly expensive yacht or pontoon rentals. 

A peddle pub boat on water is exactly what it sounds like. Everyone has a seat with a peddle rig that helps propel the boat. The harder you peddle, the faster you go. It is a unique setup compared to other boat operators on Lake Minnetonka.  

There are operating motors that come equipped on the rig in case participants get tired, or more commonly, focused on partying. For our party boat rentals, you can simply tell us that you’re more interested in the motorized version of the experience, and we will make sure to note this with the tour guide. 

What to Expect on Our Party Boats 

One single boat can hold up to 14 people. If you need more space, we can accommodate by combining other boats for up to a 100-person experience. There is plenty of room to move about, dance and have a good time. 

All our party boats, including the Tiki Boat option, are equipped with Bluetooth and speakers. You can play whatever music you like right from your phone, but should you want a catered party music list, our boat captains are more than happy to play a custom party list just for you. If you have any music preferences or other special requests on the setup, you can ask ahead of time and we’d be more than willing to see how we can accommodate. 

What to Bring

Full on party vibes and a fun, positive are what’s most important for this rental. But we do suggest since it is party to come well stocked on alcohol or other beverages. Drinking is allowed on the boat, and we do provide beverages, but it is best to come prepared with full coolers because once we’re on the lake no one wants to be a buzzkill and return to shore. 

Bar Hopping on Lake Minnetonka

We have the option to take you and your group to popular bars across Lake Minnetonka, including Backchannel Brewing, Maynard’s and Lord Fletchers. Our boats are sized just big enough to support a large group but small enough to still dock at bars on the lake. Unlike larger yachts that are too big to dock or pontoons that are too small to hold larger groups, our boats are the best in between option. 

 Who are the Party Boats Best Suitable for?

There isn’t any limitation to what kind of party you want the boat for, but we typically see a lot of bachelorette and bachelor parties followed by birthday parties, graduation parties etc. If you want to customize the experience in any way, we are happy to accommodate.

Book A Party Boat

These boats are available under the Private Tours section. Some of our most popular boats for this tour include the Double Deck boat and the TikiTap boat options.

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