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Private Tours

For those of us who don't like strangers, enjoy our signature ride on the Private Tours! Our Private options range from any amount of people that you want! Great for Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties, Birthday, Neighborhood, Girls night out, Family groups, or just for fun Just select the boat your want. How many people. Pick the location to book private! Assure yourselves no strangers will be riding with you!! We only require 6 people to reserve your private tour today! As your date approaches you can always add more people!

Private Tours: All of private tours depart on Lake Minnetonka, range from 100 minutes to 2 hours! We have a variety of departing options and boat sizes. Visit Tour Info or The Boats Page for more detailed information and which boat you want to use for your private parties!

Four private boat options!
1. TikiTap (yes its a tiki themed party boat!)
2. LazyTap (double deck party boat).
3. RegularTap (smallest pedal boat out of downtown Excelsior!)
4. SuperTap (largest pedal boat that can hold up to 18!).
Book a small group private tour up to 6 guests for a flat fee. Price only goes up $27.95/person if you have more than 6 (discounted rate over 6). Don't worry about your final number now, you can always change the amount later!

Pricing Private
$299-$330/Tour (0-6 guests) (roughly $49-$55/person)
$27.95/person over 6 ( discounted rate)

$Average of $35/person if book the full boat

*Bookings are 100% Refundable 31 days out

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