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April 8, 2022
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Team Building Activities in the Twin Cities

Breaking the ice in any social environment is important, especially when it comes to corporate structures and environments. One of the best ways to do this is to expose teams to fun and interactive environments they are comfortable with, and what better option for Minnesotans or teams located within the Twin Cities than to get your team on a boat in the water. 

About Our Corporate Tours

We here at Paddle Tap, the leader in Lake Minnetonka paddle pub boat rentals, have been catering to corporate outings and events on Lake Minnetonka since 2018. We have seen the transformation corporate teams have made by utilizing our paddle boats, otherwise known as peddle pubs for the water. What makes our boats special compared to a typical boat rental is that our boats are powered through pedaling. The more teams put into the pedaling together, the more the more scenery they get to witness. It is one of the simplest, yet effective outdoor team building actives located within the Twin Cities. 

What’s Included in A Booking? 

For our team building catered tours, we take your team throughout the lake and focus largely on the group peddle experience. We do offer tidbits on the lake and act as a guide for showing you landmarks, but we do encourage to come equipped with game ideas or other team building ideas that can be done on the lake.

Light snacks and beverages can be provided but we do encourage you to bring your own ahead of time. 

How to Book

You can sign up on our Corporate Tours page and fill out the required info. Someone will be in touch shortly. 

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