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Yes! Our private tours are priced per person ranging from $39-45/person. 8 Tickets are required to book privately. You can book up to the boat maximum if you have a larger party. If you don't have 8 tickets we do offer a $55/person on our public cruise.

We offer Three unique Party Boat tour options: Our classic “PaddleTap Tour”- paddle pub boat tour lasts 100 minutes, this boat has a “paddle” option, but also comes equipped with a full engine/motor, most groups only paddle for 15-20 minutes! It’s your call! For our second bout tour, LazyTap, pedaling isn’t available, this ride runs for a total of 100 mins too. We are adding a Third option called the TikiTap, which is a Tiki Themed Custom Party Boat. This tour also lasts 100 minutes on the water, but can be extended to 20 minutes if you book Sunday-Thursday only ($40/additional if you choose).

Our cancelation policy is simple. 30 days out you can cancel and get a full refund. 0-29 days all sales are final. If we end up having bad weather (unsafe boating conditions), we allow rain checks. This decision is typically made on the day of your cruise. We do offer Trip Insurance which can be purchased at the time of checkout. That allows refunds 14 days out from the cruise and must purchase it at the time of checkout.

We do not allow deposits for online reservations currently. If you are still waiting for the final count before booking, we recommend just booking the minimum amount of 6 people for the lowest cost. You can always add more people later!

Our Lake Minnetonka Downtown Excelsior is BYOB and so is our Back Channel Pickup, and coolers are allowed. If you want our staple Lord Fletcher’s pickup on Lake Minnetonka, you must first purchase drinks from them (off sale). Coolers will not be allowed at all at Lord Fletcher’s pickup. When you book a boat ride, a link will be emailed to you, so you can easily place your order from Lord Fletcher’s. You are always able to bring your own food and snacks as well.

**Ice is not provided**

Yes, each tour boat offers Bluetooth connection, so you can sync your smartphone and start listening to your favorite tunes the moment we head out onto the lake.

While most people are fine on the boat, one in awhile someone gets sick. If that is the case we have the right to charge your credit card $100-250 per incident depending on the amount of cleanup needed

We do not allow swimming on our classic pedal pub (PaddleTap Boat) tours or the TikiTap Tour. We do allow swimming on the Lazytap only. People who choose to swim must wear a life jacket (provided) and only 4 in the water at a time. This will only be available out of our Back Channel Location (Excelsior LazyTap doesn’t allow swimming)

We don’t allow fishing on any of our boat tours. We leave that work up to the pros on Lake Minnetonka.

We do have a bathroom aboard our LazyTap, TikiTap and SuperTap booze cruises. The only boat without a bathroom is our RegularTap out of Downtown Excelsior. The duration of the LazyTap is 2 hours long, and the other boats are 100 minutes, but you can now extend our SuperTap and TikiTap tours by 20 minutes if you choose *new for 2022*, this option is ONLY open Sunday-Thursday. However, our pedal-powered RegularTap out of Excelsior does not include a bathroom. But don’t worry, we have many friends on the lakes, so we can stop as needed, if you need a break.

Yes! If you enjoy your trip, your paddle captain will appreciate it! Most also have Venmo! You can also pre tip online when you reserve your tour.

Booking a boat ride on Lake Minnetonka is easy! Click Book Now and decide which boat and location options you like best to celebrate an upcoming event or team building outing. For questions about any of our boat rides, contact us today! We just have click "Book Now". Depending if your purchase is more date driven or experience driven.

If you notice one of the boats you wanted is booked, please look at the other boat options some boats are more popular than others. Or give us a call and we can also help plan your party!

3 of our boats (TikiTap, LazyTap, and SuperTap) Can hold 18 guests. The RegularTap can hold 14 guests. You can reserve these boats as a Private Tour by purchasing 8 tickets or more. Pricing is flat per person ranging from $39-$45/person based on the time of the week.

Yes! We have multiple boats we can pair for large groups. We have had corporate events as large as 100 people before. Group sizes over 18 people isn’t an issue at all. Give us a call or email and we can help plan the details.

While all of our private bookings are 100% private, we do offer a per boat pricing based off of the amount of guests you select (this is first come first serve), 6 seats minimum to book, It gets cheaper on a “per person” cost if you hit the maximum tiers when booking! You can book our standard RegularTap tour for $269/Tour for up to 6 people as the lowest price option (if you do rent the entire boat the prices gets cheaper per person as you get a larger group). Our public tours only operate on our RegularTap Excelsior Boat and will launch mid June. We do require at least 6 seats booked to go out on the public.

Yes! You can always add more guests as you get closer to your cruise. We just require 8 tickets to be purchased in order to reserve your private boat tour. We prefer to know the final count sooner rather than later.

Party Boat Adventure Awaits.

Get on board with PaddleTap Party Boats for a unique and private experience on Lake Minnetonka!
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