9 Minneapolis Bachelor Party Ideas For For An Exciting Celebration

Minneapolis Bachelor Party Ideas

Preparing for an unforgettable extravaganza with the boys in Minnesota? We got you covered on the best Minneapolis bachelor party ideas that will make your Saturday night or weekend a legendary experience.

Get ready to unleash the party animal within as you delve into the thrilling party scene of the Twin Cities with your squad. Pour libations, show off your dance moves, and let loose in top-of-the-line bars, pubs, and clubs for an epic bachelor party.

If partying on land doesn’t seem exciting, perhaps getting drunk on a boat will do the trick! Yes, a pedal pub boat cruise! Go big or go home and go for the largest pedal boat there is in Lake Minnetonka.

Not much of a drinker? Let’s get into exciting activities like a scavenger hunt to get you guys on edge. Perfect for a bachelor or a bachelorette party, the thrilling city of Minneapolis is where should be headed before you tie the knot.


1) Book A Pedal Pub Tour

Don’t hit the bars this time. Rent out a pedal pub! Kick off your bachelor party ideas in Minneapolis by taking your group on a pedal pub cruise along Washington Ave.

Fuelling the party with energy, booze, and laughter, pedaling your way around will be the perfect bonding activity for you and your friends to create unforgettable bachelor party memories.

Don’t be surprised if you run into girls celebrating their bachelorette party. It can get pretty wild in the streets of Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Pedal Pub


2) Keep The Good Times Rolling On A Party Bus

It’s all about going bananas with the boys before your special day so why not party on wheels? Book a party bus in the Twin Cities so you and your group can have the ultimate bachelor party experience while still being on the move.

Imagine exploring Minneapolis in a party bus fitted with state-of-the-art amenities that will keep the fun going all night long. These buses usually have enough space for you and your friends to dance and celebrate as you explore different attractions.

Not sure where to go? No problem! There are plenty of locations that will bring your Minneapolis bachelor party ideas to life. Just confirm with the booking company. Most of these companies allow clients to customize trips to their own liking.

So, get ready to party on wheels with comfortable seating, a stocked bar, and high-end sound systems to keep the good times rolling.

Minneapolis Party


3) Go Bar Hopping In Downtown Minneapolis

Feel like dancing? How about bar hopping in downtown Minneapolis? The crew will definitely be in for a fun night if you throw your bachelor party in Minneapolis. Packed with bars, pubs, lounges, and clubs, downtown is the perfect place to soak up an electrifying atmosphere and enjoy delicious drinks.

The incredible nightlife scene has a unique vibe and offerings that are awesome to explore as you move from one bar to the other. So, get ready to drink, dance, and have the party of your life at your bachelor party.

The best part is you don’t have to worry about dinner. So, before you accidentally lose your wallet, grab a quick bite!

Minneapolis Bar Hopping


4) It’s Time For Some Minnesota Soul Food

It’s not a party if there is no food! And boys need to eat. A lot! So, make your way to downtown Minneapolis for a tantalizing dinner before the bachelor party!

Downtown Minneapolis is a culinary playground with a wide variety of restaurants and eateries. So, whether you want a juicy steak, gourmet burger, or international cuisine, you can’t miss a plate. The options are endless when it comes to food. So, if the boys are not up for a fine dining experience, go to a trendy gastropub.

But before you get too full, start with a pre-dinner cocktail at a stylish rooftop bar. We recommend any restaurant with outdoor seating so you can enjoy the beautiful weather.

The cozy patios and bustling sidewalks have an alfresco dining experience that adds a touch of fun to the epic bachelor party in Minneapolis. Knock off these top restaurants for a culinary adventure:

  • The Capital Grille

  • Murray’s

  • Zelo

  • Pizzeria Lola

  • Surly Brewing Company

  • Manny’s Steakhouse

Minnesota Food


5) Go For A Brewery Tour Of Brooklyn Center

Are you really ready to party? If you and the boys are true guzzlers, you better include a brewery tour for a lit bachelor party in Minneapolis. On the brewery tour of Brooklyn Center, you can explore, drink, and party all at the same time with your crew.

The tour is a fun and hip way to commemorate your bachelorhood as you indulge in the finest beers. Being a hub of some of the best breweries, you’ll experience unique flavors and experiences each beer offers.

On top of just getting wasted, you’ll get an inside look at the art of beer-making. You never know if one of you may decide to become a brewer after the bachelor party. Keep an eye on how the ingredients of malts and hops are blended to make the perfect pint.

But it’s not just about the beer. You’ll get the perfect transportation to explore each bar. So bring your drinking game, and be careful not to stumble.

Brooklyn Center Brewery Tour


6) Go For An Exciting Scavenger Hunt Game

Who needs traditional bachelor party activities, when you can have thrilling and exciting experiences of escape rooms, puzzles, and clues? Create memories that will last a lifetime on a scavenger hunt game for your Minneapolis bachelor party.

Just make sure you have a few tricks up your sleeves, as you step into the world of exciting fun before the big leap. If you have any wits or problem-solving skills, the immersive game will put you to the test. So hopefully, you are not afraid of a little friendly competition.

Whether you want a leisurely exploration or a race against the clock, the scavenger hunt can be tailored to your desired level of intensity. Feel free to customize the game to fit your bachelor party theme or preference. This will add a personal touch to the adventure.

Scavenger Hunt Game Escape Room


7) Go To Acme Comedy Company Just For Gags

Does your group have inside jokes? Sit still, you are about to have new ones! Laugh your hearts out at Acme Comedy Co, one of the most hippy comedy clubs in Minneapolis. The club attracts top-notch stand-up comedy acts that will have you rolling on the aisle with laughter.

Get nonstop laughter as the comedians take to the stage and deliver their best material. You can expect anything from witty one-liners to relatable stories that’ll have your squad in stitches.

This bachelor party in Minneapolis will be one for the books if you include a good meal and cold beer.

Acme Comedy Co. Stand Up Comedy Minneapolis


8) Get Wasted On Hennepin Avenue

Get ready to party it up in some of the best bars and clubs in Minneapolis! Where exactly? Hennepin Avenue! It’s the ultimate destination for an epic bachelor party.

With vibrant nightlife and entertainment, you and the boys better drink enough water before hitting the gentleman’s playground. The lively atmosphere of the avenue can easily make you miss the wedding.

Dance the night away at the hottest clubs, where the energy is magnetic, and the beats are pumping. But save some energy for the actual event. With plenty of clubs to choose from, you’ll easily find the perfect atmosphere for an epic party. So let the party start rolling!

From high-end dance settings to laid-back lounges, here are some prime spots for you:

  • REV Ultra Lounge

  • The Pourhouse

  • Gold Room Restaurant & Lounge

  • Mackenzie Pub

Hennepin Avenue


9) Take Your Bachelor Party To A Tiki Boat

It doesn’t get better than a tiki boat bachelor party in Minneapolis. Cruise through the party surrounded by your guys as you party and celebrate the upcoming main event.

With an ideal space to party and create memories, you will have the perfect opportunity to let loose and create memories. From tropical-themed décor, comfortable seating, and party ambiance, tiki boat cruises are a great idea for a Minneapolis bachelor party.

Tiki Boat Bachelor Party In Minneapolis


Explore The Best Bachelor Party Ideas In Minneapolis

From bar hopping to tiki-themed party boat adventures, the guys will have the best time during a Minneapolis bachelor party.

Whether it’s a night filled with laughter, laid back evening, or a thrilling adventure, Minneapolis has it all. So let loose, hit the town, and raise your glass to the groom-to-be.

Head to Lake Minnetonka and book your unforgettable bachelor party with us!

1 hour 40 minutes
Group Size
Up to 14

Paddle Pub 1 and 2-Downtown Excelsior-2 Boats (20% Promo)

PaddleTap is proud to offer private tours on our only downtown Excelsior powered party boat! These one of a kind Pedal Pubs can be rented out on Excelsior Bay! Remember the "peddling" is 100% optional. You do not have to pedal if you don't want too!

Our Paddle Pub Party Boats, holds a maximum of 14 people! By combing both you have have up to 28 people. This is great for private cruises who want to depart out of the award winning downtown Excelsior which is only 20 minutes from Minneapolis! Our PaddlePub 1 and 2 boats both have gas motors, which makes peddling 100% optional! Only difference between the boats is PaddlePub 2 has a bathroom (recently added). If a bathroom is a must make sure to reserve that boat online!

Plenty of local bars and restaurant’s such as:
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This is definitely the spot on the lake with the most action. You can even see the famous “Big Island” on your cruise if you ask your captain!
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100 minutes long
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TikiTap-Back Channel Brewing

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Things to Know:
What to know:

100 minutes long
Bluetooth music
Bathroom on board
Departs out of Back Channel Brewing in Spring Park
300 square feet of usable room
Holds up to 18 guests
Pricing: $35-$49/person Private Cruise (10 or more required tickets to make it private)
135 HSP Gas Motor

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1 hour 40 minutes
Group Size
Up to 18

LazyTap Double Deck-Back Channel Brewing (18 person boat)

PaddleTap’s #1 boat tour! For the people who like to take it easy on the lake! Our LazyTap Party Boat ride has your name written all over it. This is our only double deck party boat that is massive! PaddleTap offers one boat for 2024. This boat can hold up to 18 guests!

Both boats offers two levels and covers at least 300 of deck space on the main level with an additional 100 square feet on the upper deck! This boat has zero pedals and is the true lazy experience that can hold up to 18 total guests!

These boats offer a private party bar down the middle for you to load up with your own drinks and bench seating all the way down on both sides.

We have a large wide open space in the front where people can move around and take in the views, or sit in our comfy seating all around.

This is our only boat that can allow swimming (on requests) which has a ZERO alcohol policy. If you want to swim no alcohol is allowed. but it still does only last 100 minutes. If you do choose to swim, we limit it to four people at one time and must wear a life jacket (provided) BUT ZERO ALCOHOL. Swimming on our LazyTap is only allowed out of Back Channel. We do not allow it out of Downtown Excelsior.

The LazyTap has a large 150 HSP motor, we can cover a fair amount of lake to enjoy everything that Lake Minnetonka offers! Our pickups are out of Back Channel Brewing, Lord Fletchers, Downtown Excelsior or Wayzata.
What to know:

Private boat captain
100 minutes long
Bluetooth music
Bathroom on board
Departs out of Back Channel Brewing in Spring Park
400 square feet of usable room (two levels)
Holds up to 14-18 guests (depending on the boat you select)
Pricing: $39-$45/person Private Cruise (10 or more required tickets to make it private)
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Zero Pedals (not even an option here)

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2.5 hour Private Tour-Private Tour Back Channel Brewing (18 max)

PaddleTaps longest tour of the season-2 hours and 30 minutes! This tour is new for 2024, and only being offered starting in June of 2024.

Explore Lake Minnetonka in the fall where the leaves start changing. Explore the channels and bays that the larger charter boats cannot offer. Bring your own beverages, some snacks and let us drive you around West Arm/Seaton Channel/Cooks Bay for 2.5 hour on the water, our longest cruises of the year! We will get up and close to some of the best fall colors Lake Minnetonka offers. This tour will have a bathroom on board as well with bluetooth music.

This tour will either be on our largest 30 foot LazyTap double deck boat, or the 25 foot TikiTap boat. Depending on boat availability with other tours being offered"

Pricing is $70/person for the 2.5 hours, and private bookings require 8 tickets to be purchased as a down-payments are utlizied before the season starts to reserve your boat. But you are more than welcome to book as many seats as you need up to the boat maximum of 18 guests.

1 hour 40 minutes
Group Size
Up to 14

Small Group/Public Tour (All Boats)

Do you have a smaller group? Or just don't want to rent the entire boat? Book our per seat boating option! Perfect for those smaller groups who still want to go out and celebrate that Birthday/Bachelorette or even just a night out! This option does have a requirement of of 6 guests to guarantee it will go out. But you only pay for as many seats as you want. This option is not guaranteed private, and it is very likely you will be paired with other people! (we offer private cruises that start with 8 ppl-18 ppl)

This public option is only available out of our Back Channel Brewing Location (LazyTap or TikiPubs) and downtown Excelsior on our original Pedal Pub Boat Cruise.

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Up to 18

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Our Lowest cost boat is our Original PaddlePub out of downtown Excelsior ($35/person) the rest of our boats are closer to $39-45 most days